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Alexander Herold

About Alexander Herold

My journey in personal development began when I was 18 where I witnessed a life and death event.

The impression was so strong that I soon after began to develop a burning interest in personal development.

My intention was then and still is more than ever to help others live a life out of their full potential.

I help my clients create an inner freedom, security and self-respect.

The aim is to be able to handle all external circumstances and live a self-determined life.

During the 30 years I have attended a lot of educations and worked hard with my own development.

I am a Certified Coach (2006), Certified Organisation Coach, Certified NLP Trainer (2007), EFT Practitioner (2008), Hypnotherapist and have collected some other educations, as well as psychology studies. 


Hypnosis & Coaching

I work with only fast and powerful methods:

hypnotherapy and dynamic emotional therapy.


For some problems, one session is usually enough.

But the recommendation is to book three.

The time for a session varies from 60-120 minutes.

Training &


Feel free to contact me regarding my various lectures and trainings:

Inspirational webinars

Group hypnotherapy & meditations

NLP toolbox

NLP Practitioner

Kickoff package, adapted to help your team with a fresh start, flow and motivation.

Hypnosis, NLP, EFT


Hypnotherapy and Dynamic Emotional Therapy

Do you want to live a free life, with self-respect, inner security and a feeling that you can handle all external circumstances?

Maybe you feel that you have a "voice" in your head, which many call the ego, which criticizes and demorlaizes you. It is most often because of emotions that have not been allowed to come out. With hypnosis we dissolve these emotions and blockages so that you can live a more self-determend life.

Hypnotherapy is actually a mental relaxation. In this relaxation you are fully aware and not in any way asleep. At the same time, it is much easier for you to evoke memories and feelings from, for example, childhood.

Do you want to quit smoking, remove a phobia?

Do you want to deal with trauma, stress, fears? 

This therapy is perfect for you.


160 Euro/online session (70-120 min)


3 sessions 400 Euro


NLP and Coaching

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP consists of lots of different processes and methods, all of which have a purpose in modeling success.

This means that NLP is based on modeling successful people and then teaching others their strategies.

The effect is that others can use NLP to achieve the same successful results.

It is incredibly powerful as a coaching tool.

Sometimes you just want to move on and work on your goals and plan your next steps. In such cases, I recommend a session with NLP Coaching where we focus on the current situation, the desired situation, obstacles and resources and how you can reach your goal.

I also have a 3 month NLP coaching program for you who wants to rechape your life.


130 Euro/online session

(60 min)


3 sessions 325 Euro


EFT or Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a form of acupressure.

It is used to resolve emotional blockages.

This is a technique that begins to dissolve the emotional state from the first tap.

It does not take as long as some hypnotherapy sessions.

You can use it on anything, such as stress, getting rid of your craving for sweets, fears and anger.

It also helps with PTSD.

I use EFT, for example, if you want to quickly release negative emotions.

The big PLUS with EFT is that after a session with me you will be able to continue using it on your own.

You can even ask me to record the session for you so you can remember what to do.


130 Euro/online session

(60 min)


3 sessions 325 Euro

Training and Courses

NLP Trainings

3 days NLP Toolbox, perfect for managers, coaches and people who work and lead others

Certified NLP Practitioner

Shorter Courses

Quit smoking day

Release-toolbox - learn EFT and other tools that help you to release feelings and problems

Group Hypnosis and Meditations

Join me in a grouphypnosis / meditation

Listen to my recorded grouphypnosis / meditations



"Alex created a safe space in his hypnosis session, I'm able to go back in time and I able to forgive my parent, then I'm able to open my heart to receive love and give love back to my parent, Alex is good in what he doing, if you need to free yourself, Alex can help you."


"Alexander helped me get rid of my full-time smoking since about 12 years back with hypnotherapy. With his professionalism and great understanding, he helped me to take the control back from the cigarettes. It was my first time trying hypnotherapy and Alexander walked me through every step prior to the sessions, ensuring me that I would be fully conscious during the whole time, and that we would be working in an extremely relaxed state of mind. I felt that I could be completely open and honest with him without any judgments. Thanks to him, I took the brave step of leaving the old me behind and I quit smoking over the course of two sessions, after 12 years! I really enjoyed working with Alexander and absolutely recommend you having a chat with him if you’re looking to get rid of a bad habbit, phobias or just finding your way in life."


"A session with Alexander and my phobia is gone. It sounds completely unbelievable but I promise, it's true! My phobia of spiders has characterized me all my life and now I am not afraid anymore. Unbelievable! Also want to give Alexander a BIG credit for his treatment of me before the session, I wanted to cancel due to anxiety but thanks to his professional treatment he was able to get me calm and safe. It was an experience that cannot be described, it must be experienced! But I promise you, you will not regret it. Many thanks Alexander for your help from me and my son (he is so fascinated by this and so proud of his mother). Thank you"


"Hi Alexander!
I was with you for a session on the evening of 19/1, Thursday 2 years ago and it was about an almost desperate need for help to break my alcohol addiction.
To be honest, I was a bit skeptical before the session and during and right after it, I thought "nothing had happened".
It has now been 2 weeks and I have not drunk a drop of alcohol. In fact, I've visited malls and walked past alcohol sections that I've never been able to stay away from before - and now I don't even think about it. Then I drank alcohol almost every day as a contrast.
...I haven't even thought about alcohol at all.
I still have to be on my guard and make sure to stay on track, but I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten rid of the "impulse" to go and buy alcohol. The sleep has improved, I have saved over 250 euro just since we met that I would have otherwise put on alcohol and I feel so much better overall ....
Thank you very much for your commitment and for the hypnosis session!"


"Suffered from severe social phobia and been isolating myself for 5 years, in my home.

Breathing now with my whole body, something I haven't done in years and It's quiet in my head. I am much calmer with almost no anxiety at all and the very same day I challenged myself and went to the mall and sat still in the middle of all the people without it bothering me.

Every day I have done something and today is day 4 the day since ythe hypnosis and I have visited my sister who I have also not been to for five years.

I experience myself in balance and being outside is really wonderful!

My anxiety is basically gone and Alexander gave me my life back."


"I Shamsher Sagoo, truly testify the 2 sessions I had with Alexander were exceptionally successful and Brilliant. I was able to address my Childhood trauma which I have lived with since the age off 5. I have managed to get the inner strength which was lacking for me to live a life in full and without being selfish and putting myself first.I have been bullied, singled out and lacking the true love I wanted from my father.Through the sessions I have been able to forgive my father and MOVE on with my life.

I'm so grateful to Alexander for getting me out of the lost state of mind body and Spirit. Thank you and God Bless you."